Ornithogalum dubium

Ornithogalum dubium, commonly known as the Star-of-Bethlehem or the Sun Star, is a species of flowering plant that belongs to the Hyacinthaceae family. It is native to southern Europe and North Africa, ranging from Portugal to Morocco. The Star-of-Bethlehem is a bulbous perennial, with a single flower head composed of many small, star-shaped white flowers. It is a popular garden plant, and is also used for cut flowers.

The Star-of-Bethlehem is an attractive plant that is easy to grow. Its white starry flowers are up to 2 inches in diameter, and are borne on upright stems from April to June. The plant grows to a height of up to 40 cm, and has long, linear, grass-like leaves. The bulbs can be planted in autumn or spring and should be planted at a depth of 10 cm. The Star-of-Bethlehem is a popular garden plant, and is often used as a groundcover or edging plant. It prefers moist, well-drained soil, and can tolerate partial shade. It is low maintenance, and can be divided every few years.

Ornithogalum dubium
Ornithogalum dubium

The Star-of-Bethlehem is also used as a cut flower. The blooms can be cut when the first flower opens, and will last for up to two weeks in a vase. The plant is also attractive to pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. The Star-of-Bethlehem is susceptible to root rot and bulb rot, which can be prevented by planting in well-draining soil and keeping the soil moist. It is also susceptible to fungal diseases such as powdery mildew and rust. These can be treated with fungicides. The Star-of-Bethlehem is an attractive and easy to grow plant that makes an excellent addition to any garden. Its delicate white starry flowers will brighten up any garden, and it is also a great choice for container gardens and as a cut flower. The plant is low maintenance, and can tolerate partial shade. It is also attractive to pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. With proper care, the Star-of-Bethlehem will bring beauty and joy to any garden.

Ornithogalum dubium, commonly known as the “bird’s milk” plant, is an unusual and beautiful perennial plant native to the Mediterranean region. It is a member of the Ornithogalum genus, which includes a number of species, some of which are used as ornamental plants in gardens and in landscaping.

Ornithogalum dubium plant

Ornithogalum dubium is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows from a bulb and can reach heights of up to 60 cm. The leaves are long and narrow, and the plant produces white star-shaped flowers that are held in bunches on tall stems. The flowers have six petals and are tinged with yellow, giving them a silvery-white appearance. The plant blooms in the spring and early summer, and the flowers are attractive to bees and other pollinating insects.

The plant gets its common name, “bird’s milk”, from the fact that the flowers produce a nectar-like substance that is said to be sweet and creamy. This nectar is a food source for birds and other wildlife, and has been used as a sweetener in some traditional recipes

Ornithogalum dubium is a hardy plant and can tolerate a wide range of conditions, from full sun to light shade. It is drought tolerant and prefers a well-drained soil. It is generally easy to grow and can be propagated from seed or from the offsets that are produced from the bulbs.

Ornithogalum dubium can be used as ground cover, or it can be planted in containers or in garden beds and borders. It is also a good choice for naturalizing in meadows and along pathways. The plant is attractive to pollinators, and the flowers provide a welcome source of nectar for birds and other wildlife.

Ornithogalum dubium is a unique and attractive plant that adds a special touch to any garden or landscape. Its unusual flowers and sweet nectar make it a valuable addition to any garden, providing food for wildlife and a splash of color in the spring and summer months.

The plant has a number of common names, including Star of Bethlehem, Star of Bethel, Star of Jutland, Star of the Magi, and Star of the Nativity. This is due to its association with the biblical story of the Three Wise Men following a star to find the newborn baby Jesus. In this story, the star is often thought to be a metaphor for the star of Bethlehem.

Ornithogalum dubium grows to a height of around 30 cm and has lance-shaped green leaves. The plant bears clusters of star-shaped yellow flowers between May and August. Each flower consists of six tepals, or petals, that are arranged in two whorls of three. The flowers are around 2 cm in diameter and have a sweet scent. The plant is native to the Mediterranean region, and is found in countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Greece, and Turkey. It is also widely cultivated in gardens, as it is easy to grow and requires very little maintenance. Ornithogalum dubium prefers well-drained soils, and can tolerate a range of soil types including clay, sand, and loam.

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